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推荐:The Price of Magic (魔法的代价) [Oct. 1st, 2007|12:22 pm]
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作者:[info]ac1d6urn &[info]sinick


When Harry Potter died, twin wands’ explosion wiped Europe clean of magic. Enchantment-free, Gringotts collapsed into a mass grave for goblin bodies. Pixie corpses covered the meadows. Romanians buried their last dragon.



You wanted time to stand still. Here it is. Perfectly at rest. Yours forever, if you want it. Just reach out your hand and take it.


全篇都描写的很美。读过Two Lockets和Commonplace Magic的大人们应该知道acid和sinick两位的文笔一流。

曾经推荐过The Price of Magic,但当时还没完结,现在终于可以舒舒服服地看全篇了。由于一共有14章,篇幅很长,非常适合长假时读一读。

PS:下午茶系列的最后一部也出来了,Fire by Fire。地址是:http://telanu.thirteenblackbirds.net/shop.html
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[info]ac1d6urn and [info]sinick posted the last chapter of Price!! [Sep. 21st, 2007|11:26 am]
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I just peeked at LJ for a moment and I saw this final chapter. How exciting I am now. I want to celebrate the day. Woo!

Price hadn’t been updated for a while. I even started to doubt it would ever finished. But they did it! A fabulous ending to such a masterpiece!! Both writers are geniuses!! I decide to reread the whole story all over again.
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